Food & Chefs: Breaking Chews! 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Image Credit: David Danzig

Published by: David Danzig on Friday December 1st, 2017

David Danzig


Here's something bib-worthy for the barbecue connoisseurs in the house! 

4 Rivers Smokehouse over on Marietta Street just a stone’s throw from Mercedes Benz Stadium.  John Rivers was the retired president of a multi-billion dollar healthcare company who had started smoking Texas-style brisket in his Florida garage for fun.  Well you can imagine the rest of the story—people started going crazy for his slow-cooked, hickory-smoked brisket and now, after opening 13 successful locations in Florida, we get our own 4  Rivers here in the ATL.

Breaking Chews!  4 Rivers SmokehouseBreaking Chews!  4 Rivers Smokehouse

The name 4 Rivers is actually a nod his family—himself, his wife and his two kids. Also, according to their website, it has a coincidental double-meaning from the bible where in Genesis 2:10 it speaks of four rivers branching out from Eden. 

Breaking Chews!  4 Rivers SmokehouseBreaking Chews!  4 Rivers Smokehouse

Our 4 Rivers Smokehouse inhabits a 1915 firehouse which has been lovingly refurbished into a warm two-story den of barbeque, replete with a fireman’s pole upstairs.  The upstairs patio overlooks midtown and has a great view of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  Out of their smoker comes glorious hickory-smoked brisket, smoked chicken, St. Louis ribs, burnt ends and even their goliath brontosaurus beef rib.  Sides like sweet potato casserole, fried okra, baked cheese grits and Brunswick stew all pass the BBQ test with flying colors.  Sandwiches like the Texas Destroyer which is made with brisket, onion rings, jalapeños and melted provolone, BBQ brisket tacos and even a smokehouse Cuban sandwich made with their own smoked pork show that not only can they crank out the meats but also put them together in some of the most amazing ways you’ll ever try. 

Breaking Chews!  4 Rivers SmokehouseBreaking Chews!  4 Rivers Smokehouse

Overall this is my favorite overall BBQ experience in the city—from the atmosphere to the simplicity of the menu to the flawless execution of their smoking, 4 Rivers is a perfect segue to downtown activities or even worth a drive from anywhere in town.

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