Food & Chefs: Breaking Chews! Cousins Maine Lobster

Image Credit: David Danzig

Published by: David Danzig on Tuesday June 26th, 2018

David Danzig

Oh yes!  Lobster lovers, rejoice.  If lobster is your jam, then set your GPS to Lenox Mall and Cousins Maine Lobster.  This is going to be your new addiction.

Breaking Chews!  Cousins Maine LobsterBreaking Chews!  Cousins Maine Lobster

Started four years ago as a food truck in Los Angeles by two cousins from the northeast, the guys soon found themselves not only serving huge lines of customers out in LA, but also on national TV pitching the idea of serving gorgeous quality, fresh Maine lobster to the masses to the sharks on Shark Tank.  One of the sharks, Barbara Corcoran, bought into the idea and the rest is history.

Breaking Chews!  Cousins Maine LobsterBreaking Chews!  Cousins Maine Lobster

Atlantans should know the Cousins Maine Lobster truck that has been cranking out these delicacies for a few years but now you can visit their small space in the mall and go to shellfish heaven.

Get your bib and order up spectacular lobster rolls, both Maine style (chilled with a touch of mayo) and Connecticut style (served warm with butter and lemon) as well as lobster tacos, lobster B.L.T., lobster grilled cheese, lobster tots and lobster bisque.  Clams, crab, and shrimp also make quick appearances on the menu but clearly, the lines out the door are for the lobster rolls which, to my tastes are the best in the city.  This is the real deal:  heaping piles of lobster belly meat stacked in perfect hotdog-style buns, steamed just the way they should be.  The rolls and some of the other sandwiches are $17.50 each, but whereas I am used to seeing lobster rolls on Atlanta menus at $20 with substantially less lobster meat, I consider these to be an absolutely worthwhile splurge.

Look for Cousins Maine Lobster near the entrance to Nieman Marcus at the front of the mall.  The space is tiny and seating is limited but there are plenty of little nooks and little tables to sit down and focus on the shellfish. 

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