Food & Chefs: Breaking Chews! King Barbecue

Image Credit: David Danzig

Published by: David Danzig on Thursday September 20th, 2018

David Danzig


Breaking Chews!  King BarbecueBreaking Chews!  King Barbecue

I recently headed up 400 to the mini-metropolis of Avalon off of Old Milton Parkway to check out a new concept from chefs/restauranteurs Sean Doty and Lance Gummere.  These are the guys who sprouted up a bunch of Bantam and Biddy locations but as of recent have recalibrated a few of them to better fit into their respective neighborhoods (Midtown’s The Federal and Lenox Mall’s ATL Taco are examples).  The new King Barbecue is the latest such spin-off and it’s a doozy.

Breaking Chews!  King BarbecueBreaking Chews!  King Barbecue

Taking over the cooking is pitmaster and managing partner, Carey Wise, formerly of Fox Brothers BBQ, Grand Champion BBQ and Southern Links BBQ seasoning company—the dude knows his ‘cue!  Wise is smoking up a variety of meats with different regional influence including pulled pork, a wonderful fatty brisket, sausage, turkey, chicken, and pork ribs.  A variety of sauces are available including a spicy vinegar and Carolina mustard sauce but the meats I tried really didn't need much.

Breaking Chews!  King BarbecueBreaking Chews!  King Barbecue

They also have a hot sauce bar and a very distinctive pickled bar, great little free accouterments for your meats including pickled tomatoes, beets, several varieties of pickles and even ghost peppers for the spicy daredevils out there.  I tried the tip of a little red ghost pepper from the chef’s garden and it was the real deal.  Just be careful!

Breaking Chews!  King BarbecueBreaking Chews!  King Barbecue

For sides, they have a gorgeous, dense and slightly sweet jalapeno cornbread, slaw, Brunswick stew, collards and some brisket baked beans that were so good they almost stole the show themselves.  Also be sure to try their frozen adult slushies and some of their gluten-free desserts like the banana pudding (and a bunch of holdouts from the Bantam and Biddy recipes).

Again, this it takes pretty exceptional operators to realize that something is not connecting with the area and install something of this quality, this quickly, in its place.  King Barbecue will please the families looking for a good, casual bite and barbecue snobs will have plenty smile about as well.  Avalon patrons are pretty spoiled with the choices out there and now they have a top-shelf barbecue spot to add to the other bounty of restaurants in the hood.

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