Food & Chefs: Breaking Chews! Nova Sushi

Image Credit: David Danzig

Published by: David Danzig on Friday April 13th, 2018

David Danzig

One hole in my dining repertoire has been a super-delicious, hyper-fresh but casual sushi joint.  There are some wonderful sushi places in town—Umi and MF Sushi to name a couple—but while they offer exquisite cuts of fish and fabulous Japanese dishes, they will cost you a pretty penny and somewhere where you would want to gussy up for sure to fit into the scene.  But what I really have been longing for is a place where you go have a world-class sushi experience and not break the bank.

Breaking Chews!  Nova SushiBreaking Chews!  Nova Sushi

Enter Nova Sushi Bar and Asian Bistro which is tucked into the back of the little strip mall across from Phipps Plaza in Buckhead.  Sandwiched between a Fed Ex Office Center and a Container Store, Nova looks like a little mom and pop Asian restaurant.  Inside, it’s a simple but nice dining room and a full bar. 

Breaking Chews!  Nova SushiBreaking Chews!  Nova Sushi

But the sushi is top shelf.  Beautiful cuts of tuna, salmon, eel and even live scallop as well as a multitude of rolls--all the raw fish is fantastic as well as some other Japanese mainstream hot dishes like sizzling teriyaki and tempura.  But Nova goes pan-Asian as well with Thai-style Massaman curry and Panang curry dishes as well as Chinese dishes like Kung Pao and General Tso’s—all can come chicken, shrimp or tofu style. 

Breaking Chews!  Nova SushiBreaking Chews!  Nova Sushi

So finally, I have a place where I would put the food up on a pedestal with some of the glam-Asian spots in town.  There’s not a lot of new ground broken but if you like Asian food’s greatest hits, you’re willing to give up some scenery and put away your swanky clothes, I think you will be quite pleased!

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